• British Craftsmanship

    From our waterside premises at Northshore Shipyard in Chichester Harbour, we work to design, manufacture and deliver the finest of premium bespoke, luxury Superyacht Tenders and high performance Sports RIB’s, with the added benefit of an unusually high level of long life, after sales service and support. Every aspect of construction reflects the highest standards of British Craftsmanship. From initial design concept, tooling, plug making, moulding the hulls, fit out, installation of engineering and electric systems, to finishing, commissioning and launch. Our highly trained boatbuilders and marine engineers use the most advanced and innovative technologies; optimising performance, accuracy and safety at every stage of the build. Our hull and deck laminates are engineered to produce maximum strength and durability with minimum weight /strength ratio. These are hand laid GRP with E-glass CSM/Bi-axial cloth lay up with high density Divinycell foam sandwich re-enforcement. Exceptional engineering, leading craftsmanship and world-class quality.

    Ours is a highly personal business with each Whitmarsh RIB open to total custom specification. It might begin with livery and materials, extend to general arrangement of seating or console, air draught and lifting points for eased garaging aboard the mother yacht. It might be a unique client concept, developed in collaboration with our in-house expert team. Beyond luxury performance and luxury detailing, our promise is two boats need never be the same.


    At Whitmarsh RIBS we are renowned for considered innovation. We don’t seek novelty for the sake of differentiation. Rather we pursue new proven thinking for the future protection of our advanced design, development and implementation. From tooling and moulding technique to composite materials and methodologies, from architectural detailing to increasingly intelligent onboard systems for operation and navigation, we are never still and always in ‘pursuit of Perfection’


    Luxury performance requires more than mere style and horse power. It takes exceptional engineering to endure the hard working routine of a superyacht tender or the 60+ knots our sports RIBs easily attain. Each with safe, agile, sea kindly handling in all conditions. Our construction is immensely strong, with every fitting and feature aboard robust to withstand risk of failure. Be it drive train, systems, tubes or fittings large and small, it is cleverly engineered to last.


    History and philosophy are natural study partners. Company founder James Whitmarsh has over 35 years' experience in performance boat construction, racing offshore powerboats and working in superyacht construction extensively both on new build systems and as warranty manager. This brings true first-hand experience of build potential, boat task requirements and owner and crew expectations. The resulting philosophy is clear. Longevity in build and relationships. Deliver on that promise and history becomes the future.
  • We are proud to be working with:

    In the construction and detailing of our Whitmarsh RIBS we take pleasure and pride in working with a select network of leading, influential marine brands. Working together this way in close collaboration we ensure the best of product delivery and after sales service.